A Woman's job is hanging in your closet!
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​Partners are the doorway to service to our clients.

We need partners from the following types of agencies:

Without your referral, our clothes will stay on the racks and that is not helping women achieve economic independence through career development and other support services.

1. Healthcare in the event that a facility treats a patient that is in need of support services because she has been involved in a violent incident, has financial issues and is in need of support services. Health is our number one initiative to be healthier is a necessity to be able to be employed. Health fairs, health services, partnering is how we can reach women to provide better healthcare services.

2. Community Centers such as gyms, yoga, and other health activities are part of initiative.

3. Education in the event that there is a client who is attending college, graduating, interviewing or in general needs support services as she reaches for a better education.

4. Employers who are hiring a woman who does not have the wardrobe to start work.

5. Rehabilitation services.

6. Domestic violence shelters

7. Drug Court

8. Police

9. Red Cross

10. Homeless services

11. Thank you for becoming a partner with WISE, together we can be of assistance to seeing women become economically independent and thrive in work and life.
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